Molly Turner
photo by Molly Turner
riverbank state park, oct 2019
fall 2019 to present
Soundbytes Podcast: curation, audio editing, and guest

For the 4 published series (episode list here), I wrote the music, cut, edit, and mixed the episodes.
This podcast was created by a mentor I met at Rice University, Ipek Martinez.

on series 3 "resilience" ep 19, I present a soundbyte from professional marathon runner Becky Wade

on series 2 "collaboration" ep 17 my friend Rainer Ganahl (conceptual artist) talks about artistic success

on series 1 "creativity" ep 7, I speak about creativity and beng a mindful observer

fall 2018 to present
selected writing for Longitude.site

Longitude's mission: to become a community of student and industry leaders that foster the exchange of ideas focused on career trajectories, intersections of industries, and the evolving workplace.

We aim to be a hub where students can congregate outside of an academic setting—in person or online—to gain unique insights about career paths of professionals in the evolving workplace and the newly emerging sections of industries. To do this, we guide our student fellows through the process of conducting student-led informational interviews with professional experts in our network and writing reflection essays based on their conversations.

In addition, we provide editorial reviews of their essays and publish their final products on our online platform, so the insights they gain about the evolving workplace will benefit a wider community.

Article co-written with Douglas Graham, a computer science major at Rice:
Music and technology: An emerging harmony

Interview with Ross Williams:
Composers in the contemporary art world

Interview with Thomas Forrest Kelly:
Beyond the scales: The blend between history and musical performance